German engineered: 
straightforward and reliable 

 Improved condensate removal system – state of the art 

Complete doctor system – engineered, manufactured, installed and set.


  • air tube inside doctor holder / replaceable
  • electric motor IP65 / closed oscillating drive
  • hardened and ground bushing / replaceable
  • ball bearings with spherical socket
  • ease of adjustment

Condensate removal systems: upgrade or replace?


... has improved over the years. Some older systems were of a reasonable design, where others were poorly designed. The hundreds of installations analyzed by JAEGER GmbH and msquared GmbH allowed us to recognize weaknesses in existing systems and to engineer and build the most efficient and robust condensate removal system currently available in the market. JAEGER systems include:

  • machined fits, no gaskets
  • thicker cross sections for rigidity
  • wider flanges and increased fasteners to reduce the future possibility of steam by-passing
  • a robust collection pot without slip or compression fits
  • long sweeping riser pipes for less pressure drop and reduced wear
  • thickest straw tube walls available
  • turnkey installation

While many engineers would consider the Jaeger condensate system overdesigned, we prefer it that way. Made in Germany.