Chatter marks on Yankee surface 

 Chatter marks on Yankee surface 

TiMax: Grinder and measuring system in one single unit.

Remote control of the grinding system


The next generation of the proven JAEGER grinding and measuring technology – with distinctive advantages for our customers. We call it ...

  • newly developed high performance 2/3 D measuring system collecting more than 100.000 data points to display the entire cylinder topography.
  • surface wear can directly be correlated to probable causes (e.g. to the condensate systems).
  • measuring system is grinder-independent resulting in excellent repeatability from grind to grind. Crowns are more accurate and can easily be optimized.
  • easy installation on the doctor beam.
  • fast assembly/disassembly of the grinder with minimal machine interference, resulting in minimal downtime.
  • extremely small unit shipped in standardized airfreight container – fast worldwide availability.